Youth Akali Dal is the youth wing of the esteemed Shiromani Akali Dal. The Delhi State division of the wing is led by the most dynamic and energetic youth leader S. Manjinder Singh Sirsa . Shiromani Akali Dal, established on 14 December, 1920, is the oldest regional democratic party of the country, with a glorious saga of historic and valiant struggle for the attainment and preservation of India’s Independence. The unparalleled sacrifices made by its brave and selfless soldiers form the proudest chapter in the history not only of the country but of the entire human race. Inspired by the highest ideals of welfare of the entire humankind (Sarbat Da Bhalla) and fired by the examples of supreme sacrifice set by the great Gurus in the defence of the noblest human values, millions of selfless soldiers of party have striven selflessly to measure up to the glorious and proud traditions of the land of great seers, saints, mystics and visionaries. Join us in contributing to the betterment of the society with pride.